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Secure Shopping

Source: Commission for User Protection

How to keep your personal information when you shopping on the Internet?

Prevent sharing personal information as it can lead to unwanted offers. Read carefully the terms of services of your personal information. Don’t worry to ask if your information is shared with anyone else. Never give out your credit card password. Accept only safety transactions which are marked with a key on the bottom of the monitor . When you are using public computer do not save your passwords in the browser .

How to choose your product ?

Before ordering certain product and before paying it ask yourself the questions, which will help you in your choice: Is the brand pointed out – name, address, register? Are you clear with the price of delivery and the other taxes? Are you clear with the offered borders? Are you clear with the terms and conditions of the selling.

What information about the supplier of the commodity or the service you are allowed to receive?

You as a customer have freely access to the following information

- brand or name

- current address of the firm - address, phone, email and other information that will allow the communication.

- information about him written in the Trade or other Public registers.

! Do not do order from anyone about who this information isn’t available.

It is in your interest to read carefully the Terms of Services on the web site – The Privacy Policy and Service for customers .